How to light your pilot light

Pilot light out? Here are some helpful directions for relighting your pilot light.


Locate the gas valve under or on the appliance. On the gas valve there is a knob labled off, on, and pilot. Turn this knob to the pilot position where it can be depressed. Pushing the knob in allows gas to flow through the valve.

Now locate the piezo or striker. This is a cylindrical button that when pushed in makes a clicking sound. This button causes a spark which ignites the pilot light.

While pushing in on the gas valve knob with one hand, begin pressing the stiker with the other. Keeping an eye on the location of the pilot light, begin pressing in on the striker every couple of seconds until the pilot light is a constant flame.

When the pilot light is lit, stop pressing the striker but continue to hold in on the gas valve knob. Releasing the knob before the thermo pile or thermocouple heats up will cause the gas valve to close and the pilot light to go out. (This is a safety mechanism that shuts the valve off if the pilot light were to go out) If this happens, simply begin the process again. After twenty to thirty seconds you should be able to release the gas valve knob and the pilot will remain lit. You can then turn the gas valve to the on position.

NOTE: The valve in the image may or may not look exactly like your stove’s gas valve, but they should all have similar parts. You may also see a fan rheostat (speed control) near the valve.

*WARNING* If you smell a strong odor of gas, immediately get out of your house and shut your propane tank or natural gas service off. If you do not feel comfortable with lighting your pilot light please contact a qualified technician. Chimney Techniques, Inc. (360) 532-5959

Thermostat and Troubleshooting

Stoves with no wall mount or remote thermostat

Appliances with no thermostat are simply controlled by the on/off switch located somewhere on the outside of the stove. Turning the switch to the on position ignites the flame and putting it in the off position should extinquish the flame. The pilot light should remain lit in either position.

Stoves with wall mount or remote thermostat

There are two different types of appliances with thermostats. The on/off switch on some stoves needs to be in the off position to be controlled by the thermostat, while others need to be in the on position to be controlled by the thermostat. It is important to figure out which type of stove you have so that the thermostat turns the appliance off when the room reaches the correct temperature. To dertermine the type you have, begin with both the stove and the thermostat in the off position. Turn the thermostat to the highest position and wait to see if the flame ignites. If this lightes the stove, you need to keep the on/off button off at all times to use the thermostat.

If this process does not work then put the thermostat back to the lowest position and turn the appliance to the on position. The stove should not light yet. Put the thermostat to the highest temperature again and wait for the appliance to light. If this works, you must keep the on/off switch in the on position at all times. Turning it off will keep the stove off and disable the thermostat. If neither configuration works, see the trouble shooting section below.


MY PILOT LIGHT WILL NOT IGNITE OUT OF PROPANE — Check level of propane in your tank. (does not apply to natural gas appliances)

PROPANE TANK SHUT OFF — Your propane tank shuld have a shut off valve which resembles the handle on an outside water spout. Turn this counter clockwise to send gas to your appliance.

AIR IN THE LINE — After a tank has been emptied, or if an appliance has not been used for long periods of time, you may get air in the gas line which prevents the pilot from ignighting. Bleeding the line, (by pressing in on the pilot knob or opening the gas line at the valve will eventually solve this issue.

MY PILOT LIGHT IGNITES BUT WILL NOT REMAIN LIT HOLD THE VALVE OPEN LONGER — You need to allow the thermocouple or thermopile enough time to warm up. This generates enough millivolts to hold the gas valve open. This process could take 30-60 seconds.

WARN OUT THERMOCOUPLE / THERMOPILE — These componets eventually wear out and do not produce enough millivolts to hold open the gas valve. Contact Chimney Techniques, Inc at (360)532-5959 to have a certified technician test and replace the thermocouple or thermopile.

MY THERMOSTAT WILL NOT TURN THE STOVE ON / OFF ON / OFF SWITCH IN WRONG POSITION — Find the on / off switch located on the appliance. Follow the process outlined in the above thermostat section to determine which position this switch should be in for the thermostat to properly work.

DEAD BATTERIES — Remote control thermostats have batteries which need to be changed on a regular basis to work properly.

LOOSE / DIRTY CONNECTIONS — Check the connections on the gas valve where the millivolt thermostat wire connects. (See above image of gas valve) Clean and tighten these connections and try the thermostat again.