A log burns in a wood fireplace insert

If you’re looking into a fireplace insert for your brick or masonry fireplace, you may be interested in ordering a wood-burning model. Like other varieties, these are installed in your existing fireplace – but instead of propane, pellets or coal, they burn wood. Wood-burning fireplace inserts are designed with materials like cast iron, steel or soapstone, and they come with a glass window that allows you to enjoy the look of a traditional fire while basking in the warmth they put out.

Benefits of a Wood Fireplace Insert

Most of us can appreciate the ambiance of a wood fire, but what else does a wood fireplace insert provide in your living space? Why add wood fireplace inserts instead of just using your masonry fireplace to burn wood? When it comes to wood inserts, the two main benefits are heating and fuel efficiency

Wood fireplace inserts are very similar to wood stoves but without legs. Like wood stoves, they are designed to heat an area. Depending on the size of the model it can potentially heat up to 3000 square feet of space without the need for any central heating. And it does all this while burning more efficiently. Because wood-burning fireplace inserts are sealed and well-insulated, less of the heat that’s produced escapes up the chimney. It even burns wood at a slower rate than a wood-burning fireplace, so while you’re saving money on your monthly energy bill, you can also spend less on wood for fuel. Wood fireplace inserts don’t just make for a cozy night in, but an efficient one as well!

The Wood Fireplace Insert Experts

At Chimney Techniques, we’re working to bring new levels of comfort to homes throughout Aberdeen. We can not only help you find a wood-burning fireplace insert that works for your home, but we’ll handle the installation too so it can burn properly for years to come. Chimney Techniques has been serving the Aberdeen WA area for over 35 years! In that time, we’ve strived to make sure every household in our hometown can enjoy reliable warmth throughout the cold, rainy winter. If you’d like to know more about wood fireplace inserts or any of our other products, please give us a call!